Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the difference between a High School Equivalency (HiSET or GED) and an Adult High School Diploma?

A:   A person earns a NH High School Equivalency Certificate by passing the HiSET exam.  This includes passing 5 standardized, timed tests in writing skills (including an essay), math, science, social studies and language arts reading.  An individual must pass all 5 sections of the test in order to successfully complete the HiSET.

Q:  Which is more difficult to complete -  the HiSET or an adult high school diploma?
How long does it take to get a HiSET/GED or high school diploma?

A:  It depends on how strong the individual’s math, reading and writing skills are and how many credits have been earned in previous high school experience.

Anyone 18 or over may schedule an appointment at Exeter Adult Education  for a credit evaluation to explore which route would be the best for him or her to complete the high school experience.


Q:   Is the GED test changing?

A:   Yes, a new computer based test aligned to the Common Core Standards went into   effect on January 1, 2014.  In New Hampshire and many other states, the GED has been replaced by the HiSET, which allows for computer or paper based testing.

Q:  When can people  enroll in an Exeter Adult  Education class?

A:  Each part of the program has a different enrollment opportunity:

○     Enroll in Adult Diploma Classes at the beginning of the semester in early September or January.

○     Enroll in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and HiSET classes monthly.

○     Enroll in classes for English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) monthly. It is best to start at the beginning of the semester in September or January.

○     Enroll in Enrichment community education classes no later than one week prior to the start of the course.  Start dates vary throughout the semester.  Many classes fill up, so early enrollment is encouraged.

○     Enroll in the Adult Learner Services Program any time September - May.


Q:  Can people get into college with a High School equivalency certificate?

A:  Yes, most colleges accept the HiSET /GED.  Many also require other tests such as the Accuplacer or SATS.  Exeter Adult Education Counselors can assist candidates with college and career transition services.


Q:  Can people get into the military with the HiSET/GED?

A:  Acceptance of a HiSET or GED  varies based on:  branch of service, ASVAB scores, and recruitment need.


Q:  Does Exeter Adult Education offer summer classes?

A:  Yes, for English (ESOL) and HiSET.  No, for adult diploma and enrichment.


Q:  How do people  enroll in HiSET/Diploma if under 18 years old?

A:  Students must have an Alternative Learning Plan from their high school that specifies enrollment and attendance in an adult education program.  The Exeter Adult Education staff can work with high schools to develop alternative learning plans.


Q:  Can someone take the HiSET before  turning 18?

A:  Yes, please go to: for more information.


Q:  Can people bring their children with them to class?

A:  No, adult education classes are only for adults and offer an opportunity for adult  individuals to improve and develop their own skills and interests.


Q:  Does Exeter Adult Education offer childcare?

A:  Not at this time.


Q:  Is there a graduation ceremony for HiSET and adult high school diploma graduates?

A:  Yes, Exeter Adult Education holds a graduation in June for anyone who has earned a HiSET or an adult diploma in this program.

Q: How does an individual obtain a copy of his or her transcript for personal or college application?
A:  The individual needs to complete and submit a transcript request form that includes a signature.
The transcript request form is available by clicking on the button on the home page lower left corner of this website.  The completed form may be faxed (603-775-8430), mailed or submitted in person at the Exeter Adult Education office.

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